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Conference/Journal Year Authors Title (link)
ESEC/FSE 2021 Joymallya Chakraborty, Suvodeep Majumder and Tim Menzies Bias in Machine Learning Software: Why? How? What to Do?
EMSE 2021 N.C. Shrikanth, William Nichols, Fahmid Morshed Fahid and Tim Menzies Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Engineering
ICSE 2021 N.C. Shrikanth, Suvodeep Majumder and Tim Menzies Early Life Cycle Software Defect Prediction. Why? How?
ICSE JSEET 2021 Sarah Elder, Nusrat Zahan, Val Kozarev, Tim Menzies, Rui Shu and Laurie Williams Structuring a Comprehensive Software Security Course Around the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard
TSE 2021 Tianpei Xia, Rui Shu, Xipeng Shen, Tim Menzies Sequential Model Optimization for Software Effort Estimation
EMSE 2020 Rui Shu, Tianpei Xia, Jianfeng Chen, Laurie Williams,Tim Menzies How to Better Distinguish Security Bug Reports (using Dual Hyperparameter Optimization)
ASE NIER 2020 Joymallya Chakraborty, Kewen Peng, Tim Menzies Making Fair ML Software using Trustworthy Explanation
ESEC/FSE 2020 Joymallya Chakraborty, Suvodeep Majumder, Zhe Yu, Tim Menzies Fairway: A Way to Build Fair ML Software
ICSE Journal First 2020 Zhe Yu, Chris Theisen, Laurie Williams , Tim Menzies Improving Vulnerability Inspection Efficiency Using Active Learning
ICSE Journal First 2020 Amritanshu Agrawal, Wei Fu, Di Chen, Xipeng Shen, Tim Menzies How to "DODGE" Complex Software Analytics?
ICSE SEIP 2020 N.C. Shrikanth, and Tim Menzies Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Defect Prediction
ASE LBR 2019 Joymallya Chakraborty, Tianpei Xia, Fahmid M. Fahid, Tim Menzies Software Engineering for Fairness: A Case Study with Hyperparameter Optimization
FSE Industrial 2019 Zhe Yu, Fahmid M. Fahid, Tim Menzies, Gregg Rothermel, Kyle Patrick, Snehit Cherian TERMINATOR: Better Automated UI Test Case Prioritization
FSE Industrial 2019 Jianfeng Chen, Joymallya Chakraborty, Philip Clark, Kevin Haverlock, Snehit Cherian, Tim Menzies Predicting Breakdowns in Cloud Services (with SPIKE)
ICPC19 2019 Di Chen, Kathyrn Stolee, Tim Menzies Replication Can Improve Prior Results: A GitHub Study of Pull Request Acceptance
TSE (Under Review) 2019 Amritanshu Agrawal, Wei Fu, Di Chen, Xipeng Shen, and Tim Menzies How to "DODGE" Complex Software Analytics?
TSE 2019 Junjie Wang, Song Wang, Jianfeng Chen, Tim Menzies, Qiang Cui, Miao Xie, Qing Wang Characterizing Crowds to Better Optimize Worker Recommendation in Crowdsourced Testing
ICSE (SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper) 2019 Junjie Wang, Yang Ye, Rahul Krishna, Tim Menzies, Qing Wang iSENSE: Completion-Aware Crowdtesting Management
Empirical Software Engineering (under review) 2018 Amritanshu Agrawal, Tim Menzies, Leandro L. Minku, Markus Wagner, Zhe Yu Better Software Analytics via "DUO": Data Mining Algorithms Using/Used-by Optimizers
Expert Systems with Applications 2018 Zhe Yu and Tim Menzies FAST2: a Better Text Miner for Faster Understanding of the SE Literature
Under Submission 2018 Zhe Yu, Christopher Theisen, Laurie Williams, Tim Menzies Improving Vulnerability Inspection Efficiency Using Active Learning
NL4SE 2018 Zhe Yu, Tim Menzies Total Recall, Language Processing, and Software Engineering
Under Submission 2018 Tianpei Xia, Rahul Krishna, Jianfeng Chen, George Mathew, Xipeng Shen, Tim Menzies Hyperparameter Optimization for Effort Estimation
Under Submission 2018 Wunjie Wang, Mingyang Li, Song Wang, Tim Menzies and Qing Wang Images Don’t Lie: Duplicate Crowdsourced Test Report Detection With Screenshot Information
Under Submission 2018 Rahul Krishna and Tim Menzies From prediction to planning: improving software quality with BELLTREE
SWAN 2018 Huy Tu, Vivek Nair Is One Hyperparameter Optimizer Enough?
TSE 2018 Vivek Nair, Zhe Yu, Tim Menzies, Norbert Siegmund and Sven Apel Finding Faster Configurations using FLASH
TSE 2018 George Mathew, Amritanshu Agrawal and Tim Menzies A Method for Finding Trends in Software Research
FSE'18 2018 Di Chen, Wei Fu, Rahul Krishna, Tim Menzies Applications of Psychological Science for Actionable Analytics
IEEE CLOUD'18 2018 Chin-Jung Hsu, Vivek Nair, Tim Menzies, Vincent Freeh Micky: A Cheaper Alternative for Selecting Cloud Instances
IEEE CLOUD'18 2018 Jianfeng Chen and Tim Menzies RIOT: a Novel Stochastic Method for Rapidly Configuring Cloud-Based Workflows
SWAN'18 2018 Rahman, Akond, Amritanshu Agrawal, Rahul Krishna, and Alexander Sobran Characterizing The Influence of Continuous Integration. Empirical Results from 250+ Open Source and Proprietary Projects.
MSR'18 2018 Majumder, Suvodeep, Nikhila Balaji, Katie Brey, Wei Fu, and Tim Menzies 500+ Times Faster Than Deep Learning (A Case Study Exploring Faster Methods for Text Mining StackOverflow).
MSR'18 2018 Vivek Nair, Amritanshu Agrawal, Jianfeng Chen, Wei Fu, George Mathew, Tim Menzies, Leandro Minku, Markus Wagner, and Zhe Yu Data-Driven Search-based Software Engineering
TSE 2018 Rahul Krishna and Tim Menzies Bellwethers: A Baseline Method For Transfer Learning
IST 2018 Amritanshu Agrawal, Wei Fu, and Tim Menzies What is Wrong with Topic Modeling?(and How to Fix it Using Search-based SE).
ICSE SEIP'18 2018 Rahul Krishna, Amritanshu Agrawal, Akond Rahman, Alexander Sobran and Tim Menzies What is the Connection Between Issues, Bugs, and Enhancements? (Lessons Learned from 800+ Software Projects)
SWAN'18 2018 Akond Rahman, Amritanshu Agrawal, Rahul Krishna, Alexander Sobran Characterizing The Influence of Continuous Integration. Empirical Results from 250+ Open Source and Proprietary Projects
ICSE 2018 Amritanshu Agrawal and Tim Menzies Is "Better Data" Better than "Better Data Miners"? (On the Benefits of Tuning SMOTE for Defect Prediction)
Under Submission 2017 Vivek Nair, Rahul Krishna, Tim Menzies, Pooyan Jamshidi Transfer Learning with Bellwethers to find Good Configurations
Under Submission 2017 Tim Menzies, Martin Shepperd Bad Smells in Software Analytics Papers"
TSE 2017 Jianfeng Chen, Vivek Nair, Rahul Krishna, and Tim Menzies. Sampling as a Baseline Optimizer for Search-based Software Engineering
EMSE 2017 Zhe Yu, Nicholas A. Kraft and Tim Menzies Finding Better Active Learners for Faster Literature Reviews
IST 2017 Jianfeng Chen, Vivek Nair, Tim Menzies Beyond Evolutionary Algorithms for Search-based Software Engineering
IST 2017 Rahul Krishna, Tim Menzies, and Lucas Layman Less is More: Minimizing Code Reorganization using XTREE
ASE'17 (Doctoral Symposium) 2017 Krishna, Rahul Don't Tell Me What Is, Tell Me What Ought To Be! Learning Effective Changes for Software Projects.
TSE 2017 Jaechang Nam, Wei Fu, Sunghun Kim, Tim Menzies, and Lin Tan Heterogeneous Defect Prediction
FSE'17 2017 Wei Fu, and Tim Menzies Revisiting Unsupervised Learning for Defect Prediction
FSE'17 2017 Wei Fu, and Tim Menzies Easy over Hard: A Case Study on Deep Learning
FSE'17 2017 Vivek Nair, Tim Menzies, Norbert Siegmund, and Sven Apel Using Bad Learners to find Good Configurations
EMSE 2017 Tim Menzies, William Nichols, Forrest Shull and Lucas Layman Are Delayed Issues Harder to Resolve? Revisiting Cost-to-Fix of Defects throughout the Lifecycle
CLEF'17 2017 Yu, Zhe, and Tim Menzies Data Balancing for Technologically Assisted Reviews: Undersampling or Reweighting.
TSE 2017 Morakot Choetkiertikul, Hoa Khanh Dam, Truyen Tran, Trang Pham, Aditya Ghose and Tim Menzies A deep learning model for estimating story points
EMSE 2016 Tim Menzies, Ye Yang, George Mathew, Jairus Hihn and Barry Boehm Negative Results for Software Effort Estimation.
IST 2016 Fu, Wei, Tim Menzies, and Xipeng Shen Tuning for software analytics: Is it really necessary?
ASE 2016 Rahul Krishna, Tim Menzies, and Wei Fu Too much automation? the bellwether effect and its implications for transfer learning.
SSBSE 2016 Nair, Vivek, Tim Menzies, and Jianfeng Chen An (Accidental) Exploration of Alternatives to Evolutionary Algorithms for SBSE
International Workshop on BIG Data Software Engineering 2016 Krishna, Rahul, Zhe Yu, Amritanshu Agrawal, Manuel Dominguez, and David Wolf The BigSE project: lessons learned from validating industrial text mining
ASEW 2015 Krishna, Rahul, and Tim Menzies Actionable= Cluster+ Contrast?
TSE 2015 Tim Menzies Cross-Project Data for Software Engineering
ASEW'15 2015 Jaitus Hihn, and Tim Menzies. Data Mining Methods and Cost Estimation Models: Why is it So Hard to Infuse New Ideas?
American journal of preventive medicine 2015 Partington, Susan N., Tim J. Menzies, Trina A. Colburn, Brian E. Saelens, and Karen Glanz Reduced-Item Food Audits Based on the Nutrition Environment Measures Surveys
ELSEVIER(book) 2015 Christian Bird, Tim Menzies, and Thomas Zimmermann The Art and Science of Analyzing Software Data
AUSE 2015 Tim Menzies, and Corina Pasareanu. Guest editorial: special multi-issue on selected topics in Automated Software Engineering.
EMSE 2015 Ekrem Kocaguneli, Tim Menzies, and Emilia Mendes. Transfer learning in effort estimation
BIGDSE'15 2015 Baresi, L., Tim Menzies, Metzger, A., & Zimmermann, T. 1st international workshop on big data software engineering (BIGDSE 2015)
ICSE'15 2015 Peters, Fayola, Tim Menzies, and Lucas Layman. LACE2: better privacy-preserving data sharing for cross project defect prediction
TSE 2015 Joseph Krall, Tim Menzies, and Misty Davies Gale: Geometric active learning for search-based software engineering
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