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Speaker Year Type Title (link)
Shrikanth N.C. 2021 Final Defense Taming Confusions in Software Engineering
Patrick Xia 2021 Final Defense Assessing the Health Status of Open-Source Software Projects
Rui Shu 2021 Final Defense On the Value of Hyperparameter Optimization in Security
Rahul Yedida 2021 ASE '21 Automated microservice partitioning: where are we?
Andre Lustosa 2021 Written Prelim SNEAK: Faster Interactive Search-based Software Engineering(using Semi-Supervised Learning)
Rahul Yedida 2021 Written Prelim When SIMPLE is better than complex: A case study on deep learning for predicting Bugzilla issue close time
Joymallya Chakraborty 2021 Oral Prelim Deciphering ML Software Fairness
Rui Shu 2021 FSE'21 How to Better Distinguish Security Bug Reports (Using Dual Hyperparameter Optimization)
Joymallya Chakraborty 2021 FSE'21 Bias in Machine Learning Software: Why? How? What to Do?
Shrikanth N.C. 2021 Oral Prelim Taming Confusions in Software Engineering
Rui Shu 2020 Oral Prelim On the Value of Hyperparameter Optimization in Security
Patrick Xia 2020 Oral Prelim Predicting Project Health for Open-Source Software
Tim Menzies 2020 ICSME'20 The future of software engineering (is AI)
Joymallya Chakraborty 2020 ASE'20 Making Fair ML Software using Trustworthy Explanation
Shrikanth, N C 2020 ICSE SEIP Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Defect Prediction
Joymallya Chakraborty 2020 Written Prelim Fairway: SE Principles for Building Fairer Software
Zhe Yu 2020 Final Defense Software Engineering and Total Recall
Shrikanth N.C 2020 Written Prelim Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Defect Prediction
Joymallya Chakraborty 2019 ASE'19 Software Engineering for Fairness
Rahul Krishna 2019 Final Defense Generating Actionable Insights for Software Engineering
Joymallya Chakraborty 2019 FSE'19 Predicting Breakdowns in Cloud Services (with SPIKE)
Joymallya Chakraborty 2019 FSE'19 TERMINATOR: Better Automated UI Test Case Prioritization
Jianfeng Chen 2019 Final Defense On the value of sampling and pruning on SBSE
Amritanshu Agrawal 2019 Final Defense On the Nature of Software Engineering Data
Amritanshu Agrawal 2019 Oral Prelim On the Nature of Software Engineering Data
Tim Menzies 2019 CS Gateway Q What's Wrong with Computational Science Software? A:Nothing
Tim Menzies 2019 CodeFreeze'19 SE for AI for SE (after data mining, what's next)
Vivek Nair 2018 Final Defense Frugal Ways of Finding “Good” Configurations
Tim Menzies 2018 FSE'18 Applciations of Psychology to Software Analytics
Tim Menzies 2018 EAQSE'18 Empirical SE: status report
Zhe Yu 2018 Oral Prelim Total Recall and Software Engineering
Tianpei (Patrick) Xia 2018 Written Prelim Hyperparameter Optimization for Software Effort Estimation
Tim Menzies 2018 Keynote, FSE 2018 In the age of Software 2.0. what role for software engineers?
Jianfeng Chen 2018 Seminar, RAISE Lab Summer Internship 2018
Amritanshu Agrawal 2018 FSE, SWAN Characterizing the Influence of Continuous Integration
Tim Menzies 2018 Seminar, RAISE Lab Anti-Patterns of RAISE research
Zhe Yu 2018 Seminar, RAISE Lab Summer Internship 2018
Amritanshu Agrawal 2018 Seminar, RAISE Lab Landing a Successful Job/Internship in Current World!
Rahul Krishna 2018 Seminar, Raise Lab Eliciting Domain Knowledge from Legacy Systems
Rahul Krishna 2018 ICSE-SEIP Connection Between Issues, Bugs, and Enhancements (Lessons Learned from 800+ Projects)
Jianfeng Chen 2018 IEEE Cloud Micky: A Cheaper Alternative for Selecting Cloud Instances
Jianfeng Chen 2018 IEEE Cloud Riot: A Stochastic-based Method for Workflow Scheduling in the Cloud
Wei Fu 2017 FSE'17 Easy over Hard: A Case Study on Deep Learning
Wei Fu 2017 FSE'17 Revisiting Unsupervised Learning for Defect Prediction
Wei Fu 2016 Written Prelim Tuning for Software Analytics: is it Really Necessary?
Wei Fu 2017 Oral Prelim Faster Methods for Software Analytids!
Wei Fu 2018 Defense Simpler Software Analytics: When? When Not?
Zhe Yu 2017 Written Prelim How to Read Less: On the Benefit of Human-in-the-loop Incremental Learning for Systematic Literature Reviews
Jianfeng Chen 2017 Written Prelim SWAY: A Baseline Method for Search-Based Software Engineering
Jianfeng Chen 2018 Oral Prelim On the value of Sampling and Pruning for Search-Based Software Engineering
Vivek Nair 2016 Written Prelim Frugal: Cheaper Methods for SBSE
Vivek Nair 2017 Oral Prelim Frugal ways to find good configurations (for configurable systems)
Vivek Nair 2017 SWAN'17 Plant a (decision) TREE and save the world*!
Vivek Nair 2017 FSE'17 Using Bad Learners to find Good Configurations
Amritanshu Agrawal 2017 Written Prelim What is Wrong With Topic Modeling?
Amritanshu Agrawal 2018 ICSE Is "Better Data" Better Than "Better Data Miners"? (On the Benefits of Tuning SMOTE for Defect Prediction)
Amritanshu Agrawal 2018 ICSE-SEIP We Don't Need Another Hero? (The Impact of "Heroes" on Software Development)
George Mathew 2017 Written Prelim "SHORT"er Reasoning About Larger Requirement Models
George Mathew 2017 RE'17 "SHORT"er Reasoning About Larger Requirement Models
Tim Menzies 2017 Invited Talk, Monash Univeristy, 2017 More less: seeking simpler software analytics (why?, how?)
Tim Menzies 2017 Keynote: data-drive search-based SE when data mienrs meet optimizers
Tim Menzies 2016 SSBSE'17 An (Accidental) Exploration of Alternatives to Evolutionary Algorithms
Tim Menzies 2018 Keynote RAISE18 Inivted talk, Naval Research Labs Invited talk SE ML summer school Software assurance and AI: how to achieve SA assurance for systems that use machine learning or other AI methods
Tim Menzies 2017 Invited talk CREST52, UCL Analytics without SBSE Considered Harmful
Tim Menzies 2016 Invited talk, workshop on search-based SE Data Science2  = ( Test * DataScience )
Tim Menzies 2017 Invited talk, IBM developers conference Empriical SE research @data.IBM.honeypot
Tim Menzies 2018 MSR'18 Data-Driven Search-based SE
Tim Menzies 2015 FSE'15 GALE: geometric active learning for search-based SE
Tim Menzies 2018 FSE'17 Are delayed issues Harder to Resolve?
Rahul Krishna 2016 ASE 2016 Too Much Automation?
Rahul Krishna 2017 Written Exam Don’t Tell Me What Is; Tell Me What Ought To Be! Planning in Software Engineering
Rahul Krishna 2017 ASE 17 Doctoral Symposium Learning Effective Changes in Software Engineering
Zhe Yu 2017 HPCC Community Day 2017 Needle in a Haystack
Zhe Yu 2017 CLEF'17 Data Balancing for Technologically Assisted Reviews
Zhe Yu 2016 BIGDSE'16 BigSE: Lessons Learned from Validating Industrial Text Mining
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