Jun9 '15

Lexisnexis june9 from CS, NcState

LexisNexis Inc and the Computer Science department of NcState Univeristy are pleased to announce a three year partnership to create a new laboratory exploring software engineering methods for big data applications.

“One of the advantages of the Centennial Campus environment is that when faced with challenges, industrial organizations can receive state-of-the-art technical assistance from North Carolina State University.” says Bernie Emsley, Vice President in charge of BLSS LexisNexis Product Development.

“In this case,” he continued, “we needed to grow our skill set of engineers able to assess different approaches to Big Data applications.”

“Data mining researchers are skilled at testing new data mining methods,” said Prof Tim Menzies from NCState Computer Science. “Those same skills are exactly what are needed within LexisNexis.”

The new lab, called “SeBig” (Software Engineering for Big Data) will focus on the validation of Big Data inference in industrial applications. Funded by a $400,000 gift from LexisNexis, the funding is “seed money” to develop joint academic and industrial research grants. An essential part of such grants are the preliminary results needed to support the proposed research. To this end, the funding support three Ph.D. graduate students working on validation methods for Big Data, some conference travel, as well as some of the research time of NCState faculty. Students working in this lab will benefit from access to current industrial data, provided by LexisNexis under the usual nondisclosure agreements.

Funding for year one will be transferred shortly and the lab will be commissioned at the start of Fall semester 2015. Each year, the lab will present its research results to an annual review committee from LexisNexis, chaired by Mr. Emsley.