CategorySourceProjectContactPapers | tools
SE Information Retrieval Industrial Fast finding relevant papers through active learning Zhe Yu tool, paper1, paper2
SE Information Retrieval Industrial Fast finding software security vulnerabilities through active learning Zhe Yu paper
Privacy Industrial::LAS Large-scale Assurance of Confidentiality Environment Jianfeng Chen python tool, paper
Timeseries Analysis Industrial Temporal Trends in Issues, Bugs, Enhancements Rahul Krishna paper
Agile | Github Industrial We Don't Need Another Hero? The Impact of" Heroes" on Software Development Amritanshu Agrawal paper
SBSE NSF Optimizing Large Scale Software Product Line Jianfeng Chen paper
SBSE | Optimization NSF Hyperparameter tuning on effort estimation Patrick Xia paper
Transfer Learning NSF Simpler Transfer Learning with Bellwethers Rahul Krishna paper
Planning NSF Recommending Actionable Analytics with XTREE Rahul Krishna paper
SBSE | Information Retrieval N/A What is wrong with Topic Modeling? Amritanshu Agrawal python Tool, paper
SBSE | Cloud System N/A Workflow Scheduling in the Cloud Jianfeng Chen paper
SBSE | Defect Prediction N/A Is better data better than better data miners? Amritanshu Agrawal python Tool, paper
Comprehensibility Information Retrieval N/A Can You Explain That, Better? Comprehensible Text Analytics for SE Applications Amritanshu Agrawal paper
Optimization, Defect Prediction N/A Implications of ϵ-Dominance in Software Engineering Amritanshu Agrawal paper
Autospark, Devops N/A Tool to setup an on demand Spark cluster on Apache VCL nodes with HDFS Amritanshu Agrawal tool
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