RAISE Reading Group

Here at the RAISE reading group, we explore synergies between AI and software engineering. To that end, we conduct a weekly interest group for software engineers and developers at NC State. At meeting, we read trending papers every week on AI + SE.

We also have free pizza (subs?)!


3240, Engineering Building II
Raleigh, NC 27695


11am - 12pm
Every Wednesday

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Next week's paper (Feb 28, 2018)

RIOT: a Stochastic-based Method for Workflow Scheduling in the Cloud

Abstract: Cloud computing provides engineers or scientists promising platforms to run complex computing tasks. For scientific workflows, a.k.a. data-intensive workflows, seeking a proper deployment configuration into some cloud environment is not easy. Traditional workflow scheduling algorithms were based on some heuristics, e.g. reliability greedy, cost greedy, cost-time balancing, etc., or more recently, the meta-heuristic methods, such as genetic algorithms. These methods are very slow and not suitable for rescheduling in dynamic cloud environment. This paper introduces RIOT (Randomized Instance Order Types), a stochastic based method for workflow scheduling. RIOT groups the tasks in the workflow into virtual machines via a probability model and then uses an effective surrogate based method to assess large amount of potential schedulings. Experiments in dozens of study cases showed that RIOT executes tens of times faster than traditional methods and results of RIOT is comparable, or even better in most of study cases.

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