RAISE Reading Group

Here at the RAISE reading group, we explore synergies between AI and software engineering. To that end, we conduct a weekly interest group for software engineers and developers at NC State. At meeting, we read trending papers every week on AI + SE.

We also have free pizza (subs?)!


3240, Engineering Building II
Raleigh, NC 27695


Every Wednesday

Next weeks' Event (Aug 22, Aug 29, Sep 05)

Wed Aug 22
Faster testing, using the Cloud, at Microsoft (Vivek Nair)
Knowledge in Web Images, at Google (Zhe Yu)

Wed Aug 29
Extracting Domain Knowledge From COBOL code, at (Rahul Krishna)
Embed Bayesian modeling in python and C++ programs, at Facebook (Jianfeng Chen)

Wed Sept 5
Landing a successful internship/job in current world! (Amritanshu Agrawal)
Exploring the importance of code and social interaction in Open Source Projects (Suvodeep Majumder)

Do you have paper for us to read?

We maintain a list of papers we read every week here. If you have more recommendations please submit your recommendations here.