Wei Fu was a Ph.D candidate in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He was working with Dr. Tim Menzies in Transfer Learning in Software Engineering field. His interests include empirical software engineering, search-based software engineering and mining software repository. Before joining NCSU, he obtained his master degree in wireless communication area from Beijing University of Posts & Telecomms. For more information, please visit his website and checkout the printable CV.

Right now he is a machine learning researcher at

Vivek Nair was a Ph.D. student in department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His primary interest lies in the exploring possibilities of using multi-objective optimization to solve problems in Software Engineering. He was working on performance prediction models of highly configurable systems. He received his master degree and worked in the mobile industry for a period of 2 years before returning to graduate school. He is in Facebook Inc. now. For more information, visit his website.

Sushma Ravichandran was a Graduate student at North Carolina State University pursuing her Master’s in Computer Science along with the Data Science Track. She is interested in the fields of Natural language Processing and Machine Learning. She is currently working on her thesis with Dr.Menzies on Software Engineering Datasets. Her work involves predicting bugs/bug locations by performing Machine Learning on source codes. She is now a software engineer at IBM.

Jianfeng Chen graduated from Computer Science department at North Carolina State University in May 2019. His interests include sampling techniques at search-based SE, fast SE model checking, cross-company SE data privacy preserving algorithms, etc. Before joining to NCSU, he earned a B.S. degree at Shandong University, China in the major of Software Engineering. For more information, please visit his website and resume.

Amritanshu Agrawal is a fourth year Ph.D student in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He is working with Dr. Timothy Menzies. His interests include SBSE, Topic Modeling, Text Mining and Machine learning. His research involves defining better, and simpler, quality improvement operators for software analytics. He aims at providing better next generation AI software to software engineers by making them literate with AI. He has industrial experiences at IBM, Lucidworks and LexisNexis. To know more about him, please visit his website and his resume can be downloaded from here.

Di (Jack) Chen was a master student majored in CS at North Carolina State University. He was focused on using Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning techniques to solve real-world problems. He was leverating the power of Crowdsourcing to study the contribution process of open source projects. Besides, he was also working closely with LexisNexis on a machine learning project to extract email signature from multiple languages. To know more about him, please visit his website.

He is a software engineer at facebook Inc.

Junjie Wang was a visiting scholar in Department of Computer Science at NC State University on Sep 2017 - Sep 2018. She was an assistant researcher in Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include software repositories mining, empirical studies, machine learning in SE, and crowdsourced testing. she is now working at the crowdsourced testing project collaborated with Baidu Crowd Test platform. The main focus is about how to mine useful information from the large amounts of reports, how to prioritize and select the right crowd resources to conduct the test so as to improve test quality. To know more about her, visit her website.