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Exploring AI and SE synergies

Welcome to the next era of software engineering. This current generation of software engineers can now easily apply AI to everyday problems. While this can be applied to traditional SE problems, it can also be used in many other areas. So, working with our industrial and government partners, we ask:

  • What methodologies, tools, assistants will software engineers need to build, validate, extend and maintain software systems where human and artificial intelligence understand and help each other to solve 21st century engineering and business problems?

So we explore systems where humans and AI offer hints to each other on how to quickly solve complex problems. In this work, we avoid complex combinations of existing tools. Rather, our approach is “less, but better” where we refactor existing tools to prune away superfluous details.

The RAISE lab is a world leader in this area with tools that (e.g.):

  • tame large scale data collection
  • configure complex systems, very quickly
  • tune data miners to the particulars of the task at hand
  • learn models from structured and unstructured sources
  • offer plans on what to change in order to improve software quality
  • let humans explore huge sets of documents or software modules to find the “important” parts (least/most buggy or least/most interesting for some current goal).
  • open science methods to enable faster scientific exploration in our areas of research


Tim Menzies Suvodeep-Majumder Xueqi-Yang Rahul Yedida Andre Motta Kewen Peng Xiao Ling


Zhe Yu sushma Di Chen Wei FU Junjie wang Vivek Nair Jianfeng Chen Amritanshu Agrawal FahmidMorshed Fahid Rahul Krishna George Mathew Rui-Shu Tianpei-Xia Huy-Tu Shrikanth-NC Joy Chakraborty Dylan Wilson Rishabh Agrawal